Plan performance analysis

Financial analysis and reporting

Funding structures

Decision support tools

Benchmarking and metrics

In business, we believe it’s better to be smart than simply hopeful.  Smart means monitoring your plan performance throughout the year and making necessary adjustments along the way.  After all, implementing an effective benefits strategy is an ongoing process, not an annual event.

We deliver data analytics on a continual basis so that you know exactly how your plan is performing.  We sit down with you face-to-face to share the information and discuss implications.  We schedule these proactive checkpoints as frequently as you prefer, usually every three months.

We understand the significance of claims data and utilization trends, particularly for our self-funded clients.  You need this information to make informed plan design changes, to establish metrics to measure the impact of program changes, and to support negotiations when the time comes to renew your plans.  We will provide the information you need, when you need it, and help you make sense of it.

Viewing the glass as half-full is optimistic.

Verifying the glass is half-full is smart.