Not only do our founding partners boast over 50 years of combined relevant experience, their backgrounds offer a unique perspective.  One spent nearly 20 years in management and leadership positions for some of the nation’s largest insurance carriers. The other is a human resources and benefits executive with a career spanning over three decades in the health care industry.  Beyond the requisite expertise in benefits and compliance, this combination translates to a team with:

  • Strong relationships to leverage in your favor
  • Ready advice for "all things" human resources, in addition to benefits
  • In-depth insight into the internal finances and operations of health plans, which is key to negotiating the best possible rates for you


All things being equal, we believe it is service that ultimately differentiates one vendor from another. Our goal is to earn your trust as an advisor and partner—not just a vendor.  This drives everything we do. We believe in the value of listening and collaborating with you. We are responsive and proactive.


Not only do we offer a full spectrum of services, we do so using creativity and innovation.  At our core, we are problem-solvers determined to find the best solutions customized to your unique situation.

We never think "one way." In the area of employee benefits, there are many different directions you can go.

That’s why we enjoy our jobs so much.  No two clients are alike, and half the fun is exploring the different avenues your company can take to meet its unique needs and challenges. 

And we'll be there to guide you every step of the way.  Your relationship with Preferred Partners will be defined by: 

One way? Allow us to offer you a different perspective.

Our service philosophy