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   retirement, executive benefits

Sure, we market your benefits program and negotiate for the lowest cost.  But our role and focus far exceed merely shopping around for the best price from year-to-year.

We take a long-term approach, collaborating with you to assess your organization and its culture, needs, and constraints.  Only then can we develop and implement a benefits strategy tailored specifically to your company and its long-range goals.

Preferred Partners was founded by a former executive of several major insurance carriers.  As a result, we offer a deep understanding of the internal finances and operations of health plans, including the subtle nuances of health care costs, trends and products.  This knowledge gives us an edge in communicating and negotiating with carriers, helping us to design packages that maximize the dollars you spend on health care.

With long-term, personal connections within the carriers, we have worked hard to maintain professional relationships and strategic partnerships.  We are trusted colleagues and advisors to many senior level individuals within health plans throughout California.  Our access to decision-makers translates to getting you the answers and solutions you need, when you need them.  

So much more than just your personal shopper.